How To Learn Effectively (2/n)

How To Reflect On Your Skill

Reflection is an important process not only it will strengthen the process of learning but by doing so you revisit the lecture and add something of your own which you might miss during teaching

Reflection on your learning is a three-step process
1. Retrieve the training from your memory if you’re learning a motor skill it is beneficial to write down or to remember your weaknesses or the mistakes you make during the process, and if you’re learning a subject then you can get your weakness by the way you perform in the test.

2. Add a new experience to it think about how can you do it better, if you do that thing differently what were the results.

3. Visualise it doing differently

learning is a bead in a thread (memory) if we don’t tie the thread to the other side, the bead will slip off and retrieval acts as a knot to the memory, it is one of the best methods to stick your learning than mere revisiting what you have learned.

The best way of retrieval is by testing, In 2010 NewYork time reported scientific study, that student who after reading a passage of text has taken the test for recalling what they learn, they can retain the material 50 percent more in after a week than the students who have not given the test



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