Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

1. Be interested in others.

2. Be interesting: do more interesting kinds of stuff and share it openly.

3. Give feedback to others who work you like

4. If you found someone interesting approach them

5. DM the person you admire give them a shoutout if you like their content

6. If someone follows you, show genuine interest in them, make them a friend.

7. celebrate the success of your and other people



Content creation is not an easy job, it demands both time and energy.

Here is 6 thing that I learn from top content creators.

1. It requires time, if you don’t manage the time you are ended with nothing.

2. Generating an idea, scripting, shooting, marketing, presentation are all part of the process, you have to learn them all.

3. Engagement is everything, engage with not only your follower but also other creators from your niche.

4, There is so much competition, people are putting really good content and the audience are also evolving so to be in the game you have to make your content exciting

5. Monetization does not work from day one, don’t make it your primary motivation.

6. use the feedback of your audience to improve.